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Italian gelato has a rich heritage dating back hundreds of years and is hailed as the original ice cream. Made with love the Italian way since 2005, Joe Delucci’s indulgent gelato is made only with carefully sourced natural ingredients, whole fresh fruits and no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

All 40+ flavours are

And our range of gelato also includes

Typically lower in fat (using milk, not cream) and incorporating much less air than regular ice cream, meaning more deluccious gelato per scoop, you can be assured of a mindblowingly creamy texture.

The effect is soft on your taste buds and leaves an intensive, long-lasting, clean taste.

Our range of 40+ flavours is all vegetarian, predominantly gluten-free and includes nondairy, fat-free and no fewer than 14 waterbased, vegan-friendly flavours.

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